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 Thad and his Children.

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PostSubject: Thad and his Children.   Wed Dec 17, 2008 3:24 pm

Thaddius is the idiot check boss of Naxx. Romulus & Julianne + Jump in WC +Heroic Mech

Feugen and Stalagg
The encounter begins with splitting the raid in two to engage Feugen and Stalagg. If they leave their platforms the entire raid will be hit by unhealable massive nature damage from the Tesla coils in the room. They have 838,300 HP each. If they are not killed within 5 seconds of each other they will resurrect each other with full health.
Hits for about 3,000 on plate.
Static Field - Does 2,500 Nature damage every 3 seconds to everyone within 60 yards.
Magnetic Pull - Pulls Stalagg's tank to Feugen every 30 seconds and switches their threat.
Hits for about 4,500 on plate.
Power Surge - Increases Stalagg's melee haste by 200% for 10 seconds.
Magnetic Pull - Pulls Feugen's tank to Stalagg every 30 seconds and switches their threat.


After Feugen and Stalagg are slain the raid has 15 seconds to jump to Thaddius' platform before Thaddius becomes active. Thaddius has approximately 3,850,000 hit points.
Chain Lightning - Hits 3 random players for 3600 to 4400 Nature damage. Cast every ~15 seconds.
Polarity Shift - Charges the entire raid either negatively or positively. Roughly half will be each. When standing on people with the same charge a 10% damage buff is gained per person. When standing on people with the opposite charge they will deal 3,500 damage a second to each other each (7,000 total). Cast every 30 seconds.
Ball Lightning - If no one is in melee range of Thaddius he will ball lightning his primary aggro target for 17500 to 22500 Nature damage.
Berserker Enrage - After six minutes in combat Thaddius will Berserker enrage, increasing all damage done by 1,000%.

2 groups split as evenly as possible. The right platform takes a good amount of aoe damage so put an aoe healer on that side. If necessary, adjust on the fly and rotate a DPS from one side to the other to help play catch up. The two tanks (literally) will fly back and forth and switch between Fuegen and Stalagg respectively. Make sure they die within 5 seconds of each other or we have to try again. Once you kill the 2 constructs, here’s the challenging part. You have to run and actually jump from the ledge onto the platform below! If you decide to fall off, then you’ll miss the platform entirely and hit the sludge water below (just turn around and head towards the entrance as there is a ramp that will allow you to try again). Make sure to keep them at the back of the platform so the tesla coils on't kill us all.


NOTE: LEFT is NEGATIVE, RIGHT is POSITIVE. This is as you are facing the boss upon room entry.
Everyone will group on the MT at the start on the ‘Right side’ until they receive a charge. Once polarity shift occurs: positive players should ensure they are on the right side, while negative should move around the boss in the CCW direction to the left side. Be aware that the MT could be given negative right away so don’t just move on the tank. All players, including the tank, should be max melee range of the boss.

You will hear me yelling:
“Polarity shift soon!”
“Polarity shift, MOVE MOVE MOVE!”

Healing is simple, heal the MT and the chain lightning targets.
Note: if you are ordered to Battle rez someone; run OUT of the raid and then back into the raid. If you are the person rez’d, wait until that druid is back with the group. When you rez you will have NO CHARGE and will immediately die as the notes say: no charge or opposite charge receives damage. Rejoin once you receive a charge. Once he is dead move away from the boss until charges are gone unless you like unnecessary repair bills
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PostSubject: Re: Thad and his Children.   Thu Dec 18, 2008 4:06 am

A note on Polarity: if you do not have a charge (battle rez) you will take damage from either charge, and must stay out of the raid until the next shift gives you a charge. After the boss dies you must wait for polarity to fade before looting or accepting a resurrection.
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Thad and his Children.
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