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 GLUTH & the Chows

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PostSubject: GLUTH & the Chows   Wed Dec 17, 2008 3:19 pm

Gluth has approximately 3,230,000 hit points. His melee is not terribly strong, approximately 3,500 on plate. Gluth is tauntable.

Mortal Wound - Inflicts 150% weapon damage and reduces healing received by 10% for 15 seconds, stacking up to 10 times.
Enrage - Increases melee haste by 25% and damage by 25% for 8 seconds. Dispellable by Rogues and Hunters.
Decimate - Reduce the current health of all nearby units (friendly or enemy) to 5% of their maximum health. Affects both players and zombies. Used approximately every 90 seconds.
Devour Zombie - Gluth will emote, "Gluth spots a nearby Zombie to devour!" and move towards any zombies that get near him. This will heal him by 5% of maximum HP.
Berserk - Gluth will berserk roughly 8 minutes after being engaged. Increases damage done by 500% and melee haste by 150%. This will be a bit after the fourth use of Decimate.

Zombie Chow
Zombie Chows ~ 500,000 hit points each. One will spawn every ~10 seconds from the grates near where you jump out of the pipe into Gluth's lair. These move at run speed. Vulnerable to all snares and roots.
Infected Wound - Applied on a melee hit, increases physical damage taken by the target by 100. Stacks infinitely. Forces zombies to be kited rather than tanked.
When Zombie Chows are hit by Decimate they will immediately stop attacking and run towards Gluth. Should be rooted and AoE'd down. They will have approximately 25,000 hit points at this stage.

MT should run up the pipe first, pick up Gluth and drag him all the way to the far door so as to avoid the Zombie Chow. The two tanks should taunt Gluth off each other every 15 seconds to mitigate the effects of mortal wound. Rogues or hunters get rid of his enrage as it occurs.
Zombie Chows will spawn constantly in the back of the room near the pipe from the grates. The ranged DPS and healers should stack up on each other ~30 yards from Gluth to aid the kiters with the zombies. The Zombie Chow will run straight for the healers. We have our priests shackle until the kiter can swing forward and pick up the chows. Hunters can slow by using frost traps as often as possible
Mages can root using Frost Nova, or slow with Cone of Cold, or Improved Blizzard Warlocks can stun with Shadowfury
Warriors can slow with Piercing Howl and can stun with Shockwave (if prot) Paladins can stun with Holy Wrath
Shamans can drop Earthbind Totem
Given that most of the above abilities have a coolown, it will probably be necessary to use a combination of methods. The kiters will require dedicated healer.
As soon as Gluth casts Decimate, you will have a few seconds to heal the current tank before Gluth kills him. All of the zombies in the room will stop attacking and make straight for Gluth, the entire raid MUST slow, root, snare, stun and above all kill all of them before they reach Gluth. Use whatever AoE abilities you have. The whole raid takes this decimate so heal the raid up as well.
Keep this up for a few decimates and Gluth dies.
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PostSubject: Re: GLUTH & the Chows   Thu Dec 18, 2008 4:00 am

In our 10 man today the offtank died midway through the first attempt, and the main tank (railed) discovered that Gluth will not use Mortal Wound if the debuff is stacked to 100% - he was able to tank through it until the debuff reset and lived until the enrage wiped us. On the second attempt he tried to single tank it while the offtank helped kite, but mortal wound was at 90% when the first decimate hit, leading to his death.
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GLUTH & the Chows
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