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PostSubject: Grobbulus.   Wed Dec 17, 2008 3:16 pm

Grobbulus has approximately 2,928,000 hit points.


Poison Cloud- Grobbulus will drop these below him every ~15 seconds. They will expand over time and last 75 seconds. They deal 2K Nature damage/sec anyone within.
Slime Spray- Deals 6300 to 7700 Nature damage to enemies in front of Grobbulus in a 45 yard cone. Enemies hit by Slime Spray summon a Fallout Slime.
Fallout Slime - a blob that deals 1,000 Nature damage every 2 seconds, in a 10 yard range AoE. Should be picked up by an offtank.
Mutating Injection- Cast on a random raid member every ~20 seconds with the frequency increasing as Grobbulus' health drops. After 10 seconds, or if cleansed, the affected player will do ~8.5k Nature damage to everyone within 10 yards (including themself) and create a poison cloud beneath them.
Berserk - After twelve minutes of combat Grobbulus will berserker enrage. Increases all damage done by 1,000%


The MT will move Grobbulus around the outside edge of the room each time he drops a poison cloud (you will likely complete at least one full circuit of the room during the fight). Melee or the OT hit by Grobbulus' mutating injection should move next to the last cloud he dropped so the new cloud they create will merge with Grobbulus' cloud. This conserves space within the room for the ranged and healers. However, with this positioning strategy the tank must move Grobbulus a fair distance every time a cloud is dropped or else the melee will be clipped by the mutating injection going off, though Grobbulus should not be moved so far that ranged DPS are out of range of Grobbulus while waiting for an injection to go off.
Ranged and healers should stand on the inside of the room, moving toward the outside temporarily when they are hit with the mutating injection. Melee may want to try to hit Grobbulus from the side (it will look as though they are attacking his boot) so they do not run through his poison clouds when the tank moves him. However, melee should absolutely not stand in front of Grobbulus at any point for risk of spawning an additional fallout slime.

The OT picks up the slimes as they spawn. All ranged DPS should switch to them when they spawn so the off-tank doesn't get overwhelmed. Like the rest of the raid (with the exception of the main tank), the off-tank will occasionally be hit by mutating injections, and in these cases it may be helpful to have a hunter misdirect slimes onto him.

Towards the end of the fight, Grobbulus will be using his injection very, very frequently. This part of the fight depends almost entirely on your ranged DPS, as melee will have great difficulty dealing any significant damage to Grobbulus due to the frequency with which they are injected.
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