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 Instructor Razuvious

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PostSubject: Instructor Razuvious   Wed Dec 17, 2008 3:05 pm

Instructor Razuvious has approximately 3,349,000 hit points. His regular melee hits plate for about 30,000.

Disrupting Shout - This is a physical AoE that hits for 4275 to 4725 Physical damage on the entire raid. Cannot be avoided, cast every ~15 seconds.
Jagged Knife - An ability used on a random raid member every ~10 seconds. Does 5,000 physical damage and applies a bleed effect which causes a further 10,000 physical damage over 5 seconds. Can be avoided by standing out of his line of sight.
Unbalancing Strike - Inflicts 350% weapon damage and leaves the target unbalanced, reducing their defense skill by 100 for 6 seconds. This will hit plate for approximately 105,000. Only Deathknight Understudies should ever be hit by this.

Death Knight Understudies (2)
MC using the orbs of domination throughout the encounter. Healers will need to heal them through Instructor Razuvious' damage. After Instructor Razuvious dies these will take 1000% extra damage from players.
Blood Strike. Instant attack that inflicts 50% weapon damage to an enemy target, 4 sec cooldown. Will be the "4" key on your hotbar.
Taunt. Taunts the target to attack you, 20 second cooldown. Will be "5" on your hotbar.
Bone Barrier. Reduces damage taken by 75% for 20 seconds. Death Knight understudies should only tank with this up. 20 second cooldown. Will be "6" on your hotbar.


The 2 orbs should be controlled by the OT & the lowest dps. Start by walking up to the orb and right clicking it to control them. Razuvious will immediately aggro onto them and which ever tank is decided to tank first must immediately hit "5" to taunt THEN hit "6" on your new hotbar for shield wall,. (Note: Most strats tell you to hit SW then Taunt. I have reversed to buy us the extra second of SW being up as Raz must hit with unbalancing strike BEFORE they get the debuff that makes them frail.) While tanking use the "4" key repeatedly to Blood Strike for holding aggro. Keep Razuvious tanked near the back of the circle where the understudies are located before the encounter starts, this way when you refresh your orb spell you will have plenty of time to recontrol your understudy before he can run all the way to you. Shield wall lasts 20 secs so the 2nd tanking understudy must hit their shield wall and taunt before the first tank's shield wall runs out. This is all the fight is, the tanks trading taunts to ensure the tanking understudy has shield wall up 100% of the time. Healers will need to help heal the understudy's even with their shield wall up to ensure both stay alive through the entire encounter. Paladins must remember to refresh Beacon on the understudies.

When clicking an orb to control an understudying you will see that your character is channeling the spell and the channel lasts for 1 minute. To make sure the channel does not break while tanking Razuvious each tank should refresh the channeling spell every 2 taunt cycles. In order to do this after you've been taunted off of the second time IMMEDIATELY right click the understudy's pet frame and select "dismiss". NOTE: you cannot use the "leave vehicle" button that shows up in the "=" of your hotbar, it does nothing, you must dismiss manually. The MT will pick up the add to buy time on rechanneling. As soon as you have dismissed the understudy click the orb again to control him, this refreshes your channeling spell and will leave you with enough time for the 5 second cooldown on your ability's to be off before the current tanks shield wall falls off. You must also note that the orb tries to control the closest target not necessarily YOUR target.

All DPS kill Raz, not the adds. After he his dead we will kill the adds, ensuring Shieldwall is down before releasing him. Healers please also remember to heal the orb controllers if they get the tick, they are more important than any other raid members except your healing buddy.
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PostSubject: Re: Instructor Razuvious   Thu Dec 18, 2008 4:14 am

Understudies do not have a global cooldown, so it is possible to cast taunt and shield wall simultaneously. Just mash both buttons.
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Instructor Razuvious
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