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PostSubject: Loatheb...   Wed Dec 17, 2008 3:00 pm

~~~Trash~~~ Kill the grubs, and any stalks that aggro. Staying against the left wall and only killing the ones that aggros prevents many deaths. DO NOT jump off the bridge leading to Loatheb - there is no way back up.

Loatheb has approximately 6,690,000 hit points.


Necrotic Aura — Every 21 seconds puts up an Aura that prevents ALL healing for 17 seconds - leaving only 4 seconds every 21 seconds to heal the raid
Deathbloom — Does Nature damage inflicted every second for 6 seconds followed by a large amount of Nature damage
Inevitable Doom — Inflicts Shadow damage after 10 seconds every 30 seconds after 2 min into the fight - every 15 seconds after 5 min into the fight
Summon Fungal Creep — A fungal creep that will increase critical strike chance by 50% for 90 seconds if it reaches Loatheb, however killing the spore allows those within 10 yards to receive the buff


Loatheb is a DPS race due to Deathbloom - MT keep Loatheb in the center of the room while DPS goes all out on the boss. Whenever a fungal creep appears the OT will drag it to as many members of the raid as possible gather around it before the OT kills it so everyone can benefit from the buff. One healer will need to focus on the main tank while another one will need to focus on the raid. Any additional healer should assist with both depending on what is needed. The tank will need to manage their cooldowns to stay alive for 17 seconds every 21 seconds due to the lack of heals - everyone else in the raid should be taking exactly the same amount of damage from Deathbloom and Inevitable Doom.

·Heal over time spells are useless for this fight as in a 4 second period only 1-2 ticks will go off. However spells such as Lifebloom if timed right could help druids gets 2-3 extra heals in.
·When Necrotic Aura is up healing spells will not work - however damage prevention spells will. Power Word: Shield - Pain Suppression - and any other ability that prevents damage / increases armor will still work.
·As this fight is a DPS fight if healers are not healing make sure they are keeping DPS on the boss even if it is just auto attack / wanding - especially if Judgement of Wisdom is on the boss. Positioning does not matter for this boss so healers can stand in melee range and keep auto attack on between heals.
·Healing consumables will NOT working during Necrotic Aura - so be sure to use them when the aura is down.
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