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 Heigan the Unclean-In progress

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PostSubject: Heigan the Unclean-In progress   Wed Dec 17, 2008 2:57 pm

~~~ TRASH~~~
Nothing much to worry about here - a lot of large packs of bats and grubs that can be AOE'd down along with a few single pull elites - just hug the right wall the entire time to avoid some of the packs. You'll take 2 right turns before reaching Heigan the Unclean

Phase 1:
Eruption - causes the ground to burst with slime - dealing a large amount of nature damage if hit
Decrepit Fever - Reduces maximum health reduced by 50% and deals nature damage every 3 seconds, disease.
Spell Disruption - Decreases casting speed by 300%
Phase 2:
Eruption - causes the ground to burst with slime - dealing a large amount of nature damage if hit, ~7k/hit
Plague Cloud - Constantly deals large amount Nature damage to anyone within 21 yards, ~7.5k/sec
Phase 1:
Start the encounter by having the tank pull the boss and positioning him at (1) while having all the ranged dps/healers move to where the boss was originally standing (5).

The Initial Pull
Heigan the Unclean will constantly cause the floor to erupt with slime except for 1/4th of the room. The area that is safe is predictable as shown in the chart below:

Move from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4

When Heigan causes and eruption in the floor the tank along with the melee dps will need to move to (2). Again after another eruption the melee group will need to move to (3), then (4), and then back to (3), (2), (1), (2), (3)... etc. There will be pauses in between each eruption for the DPS to go all out on the boss. Keep up this rotation until Heigan teleports to (5) which indicates the start of phase 2. Also be sure to cleanse Decrepit Fever especially on the tank.
Phase 2:
The start of phase 2 will begin when Heigan teleports to the platform (5) and starts dealing damage to anyone on this platform - at this point the entire raid will need to move to 1 and then do the full rotation after each eruption. The eruptions will also be much faster the before - almost to the point where the raid will need to be moving non-stop. Eventually Heigan will leave the platform and run towards the highest threat player (probably the tank) and phase 1 will start again.

Everyone Now! 1 to 2 to 3 to 4

Then from 4 to 3 to 2 to 1
Note: Heigan resets the safe spot to (1) every time he changes phases - so the raid must be ready to move back to (1) no matter what position they were in during a phase change.

Working on Getting the diagrams in
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Heigan the Unclean-In progress
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