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PostSubject: Anub'Rekhan   Wed Dec 17, 2008 2:42 pm

~~~Trash~~~ When you enter the hall take a left and head all the way down to reach Anub'Rekhan. Every pull to Anub'Rekhan are packs of spiders. There are groups of small spiders that patrol around the pathway and stationary packs of spiders - be sure to pull the patrolling packs first. Both of these packs can be AOE down - nothing special to note of, just cleanse poisons when necessary

Impaling – AOE targets a random player and hits everyone in a straight line between Anub'Rekhan and the target. It will do 4.8k to 6.1k Physical dam & launch the affected players high in the air; you take 50% FALL damage if you can’t slow yourself otw down.
Locust Swarm – (Every 70-120 seconds) AOE damage spell (30yard radius) centered on Anub'Rekhan as he moves, He slows to 60% of normal run speed. Staying in the AOE causes a DoT debuff to stack repeatedly dealing 875-1125 Nature damage every 2 seconds per stack & silences those afflicted. WHEN cast, another Crypt Guard will also spawn at his initial engage point. Lasts 16 seconds.
NOTE: The Locust Swarm attack has an approximately 90 second cool down, however the first cast is not at a set time, between 80 seconds and 2 minutes. As well, the Locust Swarm is not a normal silence. Unlike a normal silence, it prevents the use of all abilities (even auto-attack). This means that the MT cannot use Shield Wall or Last Stand to save himself if he gets stacked too high. Items, however, are still able to be used.
Corpse Scarabs - creates scarabs from the corpses of the dead guards and players
And 2 guards

MT pulls Anub'Rekhan and tanks him at the north end of the room with his back facing the east wall. The ranged DPS and healers need to stay near the center of the room and SPREAD to minimize the effects of impale. Anub'Rekhan will periodically summon a Crypt Guard to attack the raid –OT will pick up the Crypt Guard and tank him in the center of the room – ALL dps switches from Anub'Rekhan to the Crypt Guard. The ranged DPS should always be ready to AOE the corpse scarabs that will spawn from dead Crypt Guards and dead players. Healers make sure to lead the tank so you don't get silenced and can continue to heal him as he runs.

The Initial Pull Position
Periodically Anub'Rekhan will start to cast Locust Swarm (you will see an emote on the screen) - a Crypt Guard will also be summoned during this time. Have the melee DPS move in with the ranged group at position 1 to help kill the Crypt Guard while the main tank run a half circle around the east side of the room to position 2. (The tank will need to move a little further then a half circle to prevent getting hit by Locust Swarm - and then reposition the boss at the south point of the room)

Positioning for the First Locust Swarm

Positioning for the Second Locust Swarm

Reposition the boss so that he is now at the south end of the room with the main tank's back again facing the east wall and make sure the Crypt Guard is dead before the DPS switches back to Anub'Rekhan and then rinse and repeat (the next Locust Swarm have the tank run the circle north) this process until Anub'Rekhan is dead.
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