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 GM Message on guild structure

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PostSubject: GM Message on guild structure   Mon Nov 10, 2008 7:50 pm

Alright well a lot of people have been waiting for some clarification on how we are going to run the guild at 80. This is in reference to "What officer jobs are available and who will get them?", "What exactly does the raider and member tag mean and how does someone go about getting it?". Hopefully i can bring some light to this great mystery. Most importantly what is our guild structure.

GM ... Yours truly

Guild Officers: Achyls, Toph, Gbaby, Kyrawyn, Chamm, Koalakiller, Railed, Kourja

These people are appointed by the GM to ensure that the guild is driven to our ultimate goal of becoming a top raiding guild. The decisions that this team of players make together are absolute. Their dedication to the success of the guild has been proven, and deserve the respect they have earned and this position entitles them to.

Raid Leader: Kyrawyn/Icelana

This position also appointed by the GM to handle all matters in developing a successful raid environment. During Raids this person has the authority to accept or deny any guild member from joining the raid (including me). As well as the authority to remove a player from the raid (If you are removed from a raid don't be dramatic about it. It's most likely for the best.). Throughout the new raiding content it is my understanding that we will need to rotate players of specific classes in order to progress quickly through the instances.

Raid Officers: Tank: Railed, Ranged: Koalakiller, Melee: Achyls, Healing: Bousana

This position is to facilitate the raid. These people are charged with keeping the roster for their specific "job" as full as possible with comptent raid ready members. Their in combat expertise is a valuable asset to the raid and thus reasoning for their appointment to the position. Raiders need to carry out the assignments given by these people in order to perform well as a raid unit.

Class Officers: Druid: ?, Hunter: Toph, Mage: ?, Paladin: Bousana, Priest: Gbaby, Rogue: Achyls, Shaman: ?, Warlock: ?, Warrior: Railed

This branch of officers are entrusted to maintain their class. Helping other classmates with proper gear/spec. Ensuring the raiders are as informed as possible as to where to go to learn more about the class outside of the game. Where to go to better themselves inside the game. These leaders will be knowledgeable about the benefits the raid can receive from all specs the class can offer.


This will be established by performance at lvl 80. Decided by the officers. These people will have priority invites to the raid, priority in the loot distribution over members, alts/initiates, and Discounts on items in the G bank. "How do i become a raider?" This is actually a simple answer. Show up on time/early ready to go with enough consumables to last the duration of the raid. Have the correct spec for the raid slot you are filling. Be a good listener able to follow direction/assignment. If you mess up (we all do) own up to it and fix yourself. Be situationally aware. Show that you trust your fellow raiders to perform the task assigned to them. Be a team player and leave the " I's " at the door.


This tag is for those players striving to become a raider or simply do not have enough play time to attend the majority of our raid schedule.
They will fill the raid spots that are unable to be filled by a raider due to w/e circumstance. When in the raid group these players are held to the same standard as raiders. They will however fall behind a raider in the loot distribution. This is done to better the main raid force to push through the content. A member will not be removed from a raid for the sole purpose of bringing in a raider unless it was predetermined.

loot distribution thread soon to come....


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PostSubject: Re: GM Message on guild structure   Mon Nov 10, 2008 7:59 pm

An excellent post designed to abolish any confusion lingering amongst the members as to what everyone's respective responsibilities are. Hopefully people can take into account the aforementioned expectations and apply them to every raid, and use this knowledge to perhaps plan on where they want to be in terms of the ranks of the guild.

I've always appreciated your simple, to-the-point explanation style. Hopefully if people have any questions regarding the ranks and/or the guild's direction and objective in the months to come, they will be directed here.

tongue GO JASON!
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PostSubject: Re: GM Message on guild structure   Tue Nov 11, 2008 12:49 am

Great post. I have no questions as to how this guild is going to run. The communication that we have is vital to our guild. Lets keep this up.

Gratz, everyone, on downing Illidan.
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PostSubject: Re: GM Message on guild structure   Tue Nov 11, 2008 1:52 am

Very nice Jay. Well put.
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PostSubject: Re: GM Message on guild structure   Tue Nov 11, 2008 1:31 pm

this is hotchocolate.. and i approve this message:)

lols guess i should change my forum name.. eh w/e
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PostSubject: Re: GM Message on guild structure   Mon Jan 05, 2009 6:16 pm

cheers cheers elephant
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PostSubject: Re: GM Message on guild structure   

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GM Message on guild structure
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