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 Guild Application

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PostSubject: Guild Application   Sat Feb 21, 2009 8:20 pm

Hello, my name is Ethan. Im a unholy-dps Death Knight. Im here to raid. Im a friend of Zephon and Corewin. I have decent gear looking for better.

-Character Info -
Charcter Name- My ingame name is Zaryis.
This is my armory - page
Raiding Spec - Unholy DPS/Blood
Add-ons - Recount will download more if needed.
Vent - I do have vent no microphone though.

-Raiding Experience-
Time Zone - Server time
Pre -TBC - Didn't play all that much.
TBC - Did a little Kara, pvped with my rogue.
WoTLK - Plan on raiding and off pvping.

I have not been in a guild on this character I have been waiting.

I have read about the guild, and yes I do agree on the rules.

I should be able to make atleast one or two a week. I will note if I can not make it.

I want to play with friends, and do raids with your guild, the guild seems to have geared players.

Im a laid back person im easy to deal with, and don't take offensive to alot of things, im also good dps.

Im willing to respec if my spec isin't good enough.
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Guild Application
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