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 Guild Application

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PostSubject: Guild Application   Sat Feb 14, 2009 11:39 am

Hello, My name is Benjamin, For short Benjalum.. jk Very Happy I have always looked for one thing in wow positive fun, and entertainment, away from daily problems. When I raid, all I have to think about is how to keep the raid alive, or what step is next to completion, when the next joke or comment is gonna be said, or something I say that makes the entire vent laugh hysterically. Bottom line I just want to have fun. In a professional guild that knows how to do everything according, and have fun doing it; Chill enough to laugh, but still get the job done with little or no (Wipes). I will now answer all following questions. "Like School, you give a Bio.. " Felt it was appropriate if it's an application of a personal approval to join a guild Very Happy.

� In-Game-Name/Character:Benjalum
� Link your armory page:
� Raiding Spec:Protection
� Alts (70+ only):N/A
� What Add-ons do you use when you raid? Omen,Oca,Oacle,Xperl,recount,Mikscrollingbattle text,digits,Atlas Loot enhanced,DBM,Markbar,OmniCC,Quartz,Nui,StrayrraidTracker. I realize some are not so much raid related, but The effects they offer provide a better gaming comfort for raiding so i felt it's best to post.
� Do you have Vent w/mic? Yes I have Vent, and I have a working Mic/headset.

Time zone:Central Time/Mountain-1hr behind Server Time.
Days Played:112days
... I am not sure if that is what your expecting from these questions.?

Please give a brief list of your former guilds, with the reason why you left each:I was In Last Stand:Times of raid were not constant, nor did they have full preparation at the time to be raiding, and the seriousness of raiding was not part of there criteria till now. Puppy Kickers: Part Pvp/Pve... Not so much raids. Circle of Legends: Was kicked out because, well not sure still as to why that happen? I was an officer/Admin to Vent. My efforts and Attention to detail was impeccable I delivered my time and patience to those that wanted and needed it. I worked hard to get each needed item to proceed further in running more instances, to better the guild. (example: Iris Key 10man naxxramas) I did something? or nothing? But i woke up.. went into vent, couldn't was banned. Then I entered game, and found that I was guild less. Really upset of all this now I am searching for another guild.

Have you read about and do you agree to our Guild Policies?
Yes I fully agree with your terms, and Conditions. A guild needs guild lines with people that are willing to follow them. If they do not feel its necessary then there purpose to that guild is not of use.

Can you make all 3 raids a week? (Please note, we raid Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (7:00 pm to 10:30 pm)
Yes I can!... I put Exclamation to provide emphasis to this question I really fit well into your raid times, and can defiantly make that with ease.

Why do you want to Raid with GTFO?
I have heard only great things. Also I know a few friends, Kresandra-Pally.. and alt Jacklyn-Hunter I may have spelled that wrong? I also know a few others.. names are not available to me at the moment. But I do know more. I am well known Very Happy

Why would you be a good addition to the team?
I know all the fights, In some sense I could say I train for the fights.. I better myself, or Have Bettered Myself. I Ran so many Heroics, and Also Run people, I help everyone Gold/Time/Leveling/Heroic Runs for Gear/Gear Runs/Daily Runs/Raiding/Forming My own Groups/ Raid Leading/Full Service To the guild. I am well aware of each and every fight. I am an imagine thinker, and Video games i grew up playing Mostly Rpg's In World Of Warcraft Its much more then a 5-15hr game.. played on a console. You have a world with millions of people all trying to accomplish what you are trying to as well, I am 1000% TEAM PLAYER> I can only give more, no less. I am strict when i Raid Lead. But I have so much fun too. Everyone that I have raided for can only say good things. and ask for the next time I am going. OH Achievement Support I also do. For me and anyone else that needs it.

Is there anything else you might want to add that makes you stand above the rest?
Determination... I have been born with MD, Muscular Discography, My time on my feet is slim, So gaming is a good comfort I have a really great personality and I love to communicate On wow, or any topic. Mainly making friends is worth all my time, for Them and for Me.
I will be ready to go, 30min before all raids, and I am herbalist On my main So for needed Flasks etc to Guild ONLY I will make to those who need, or can not purchase/make for themselves. I also Buy all my mats for Great Feasts, and I am in the process of purchasing a Rocket Launcher, just to give +250Hp to . I can raid, and love it. I also love tanking very much. I have tested all the timers to my cool downs, and have a perfect combination if heroics, and raids If Healers Die for keeping me alive that much longer to hopefully drop the boss. I thrive on only making myself better so if anything is noticed in my gear, or in my style of play Please Feel Free to point out. I will only get better. To see this in myself and make that change more efficient for the guild it's nothing but positive.

If we tell you your spec is awful, are you willing to respec?
Yep.. It's what you do, Respecing is a constant effect in wow. Like Deaths, they are gonna happen.

PERSONAL (optional)
� IRL Name:Ben
� Age:27
� Current Occupation:Self Employed
� IRL or In-Game friends in GTFO Kresandra, and several others Hard to recall atm.. but i know I have them.

Anything else you would like to add?
I believe I said almost everything, I am afraid if I posted anything more, you would start to charge me for words. Or just a seem like rainting. Very Happy Thank you For your time.. I do appriciate the time to explain who I am, Felt good to see it written out. To know how much of a gamer I really am. Lmao.. Good Day, And hope to hear from you.
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PostSubject: About your app!   Sat Feb 14, 2009 12:07 pm

Hiya, tried to whisp you in game to have a chat, but you were afk tagged, either myself or my tanking officer (Frostywhite/Obligation) will be trying to get a hold of you today for a chitchat. We both will be in and out of game today today some r/l stuff, but please don't despair if we play tell tag for a bit. Your app definitely looks solid !
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PostSubject: Re: Guild Application   Mon Feb 23, 2009 1:03 pm


grats on invite
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PostSubject: Re: Guild Application   

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Guild Application
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