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 Raid Attendance...

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PostSubject: Raid Attendance...   Sat Feb 07, 2009 1:04 pm

This thread is for all raid attendace and nothing more. Please use the following outline to inform us of who you are, which raid you cannot make, who is your class officer and why cant you make it. Please explain in full and please try to inform us at least 2 days prior to you missing the raid.


Name: Achyls
Officer: Sophus
Did you inform your class officer: Yes
When: last night after raid. 2-8-2009
Raid: 25 Maly 2-14-2009 7:00
Reason: I will be out of town, need to take my dad to a VA appointment in San Jose. I will make tomorrows raid for sure.

Now if you know you will miss more than one raid in a row please not only inform your class officer but whom ever is leading those raids. Please copy and past and make a new topic. Thank you.
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Raid Attendance...
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