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 strats inc

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PostSubject: strats inc   Fri Feb 06, 2009 10:29 pm

i have been putting together some visuals for a strat that would work with our raid make up as soon as i get the diagrams put togeher and what not i will post them
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PostSubject: Re: strats inc   Sat Feb 07, 2009 1:09 pm

The following link is a great video that i think all should watch. Its from tankspot. --- 10 Maly --- 25 Maly

Raid Balance
1 tank, 3 healers is ideal. Beating this timer is 100% about the sparks, and while gear will help a lot, it's not enormously necessary. You do, however, want all of your raiders to have ~18k health minimum while fully buffed to handle vortex and varying amounts of raid damage.

Phase 1 Notes
When Malygos is landing, he doesn't seem to register threat/damage for the first few seconds. Burning long cooldowns such as Bloodrage and hitting him too early isn't necessarily good. Have your raid give you a couple seconds until he's clearly facing you.

Like several of the Blue dragons, Malygos has no tail or cleave attack to worry about. For this reason, you can move him without too much fear of hitting other raiders (though you still need to pay attention to his conal breath).

You have plenty of time to move him away from sparks and force the sparks to cross over the raid. This is why this tank moves around the edge of the inner circle, which also prevents him from facing the raid for a breath. When there are two up (the one from before the vortex and after) and when they are coming from adjoining quarters, he/she triangulates Malygos' position so they're both forced to cross the center.

It is possbible for Malygos to be within reach of melee who're in the center spark field while still allowing Hunters to attack from within the spark. This will happen naturally so long as you use the outer edge, though if you have problems, cut the corners a bit tighter.

While Death Grip from Death Knights is a means of stacking spark fields and while this strategy will work for some guilds, it will not be a recommended strategy given that you're relying on one specific class and you're making an entire raid move instead of just the tank.

With that said, tanks who are not used to strafing, mouse movement, camera control, and effective keybinds need to step up their game.

Phase 3 Notes
This video isn't a stellar example of Phase 3, in part because I don't see combo points on the interface. However, you do see the successfully shielding from a Surge, which is by far the most critical part of Phase 3. Make sure everyone in your raid clearly understands how to use that ability.
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strats inc
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