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 Raid Expectations for melee classes

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PostSubject: Raid Expectations for melee classes   Thu Feb 05, 2009 4:15 pm

As all of you know Jess (Icelana/Kyra) has already told you her expectations for raiding. I too have certain expectations of my own.

1) Be online and ready to go,
A) this means pots, elixirs, flasks, food, reagents, and repair money.
1a) If you cant get these things please have a guildmate that you are friends with help you farm, and or farm on "off" days.
2b) you should not have to ask people for repair gold every raid. DO YOUR DAILIES!!!!
1a) If you come to raid and you are pvp spec'd be ready to be kicked from raid group. I really want my melee doing as much dps as possible.

2) Be on time!
A) No body wants to wait for your ass to fix your addons at last minute!
B) Eat earlier or bring your food with you.
C) If we have to wait for your ass to get your things fixed for mor that 5 minutes be prepared not to raid. We have alot of member that would like to see content.

3) Gear
A) You must have your gear properly gemed and enchanted

4) Stable Internet connection
A) This is a must! If you keep dc'ing or cant be on vent and in wow then we will have to replace you.

5) Vent and Mic is a must! We must communicate, its kinda hard to type while raiding.

6) Have fun
A) I understand that we are spending 4 hours together, sometimes banging out heads agains the wall, but I really do want everyone to get the most enjoyment out of wow as possible. I mean its your 15 dollar a month.

7) Come to me if you have any questions. I will answer them as best as I can or i will direct you to someone that can. That is why I am here.

These are some of the things everyone already knew. I want everyone to know that its my job you make sure you are doing YOUR job. And if I get on your ass or yell at you during raid, its only because I am trying to make you a better player and for us not to be on the same boss for 4 hours. One melee mistake can cause a whole raid wipe.

Anyways, I hope to see everyone at lvl 80 soon and i am looking foreward to raidin with you in the future.
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Raid Expectations for melee classes
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